Stone Mountain Arts Center

February 22, 2015

A cozy little place, in the middle of nowhere, that is way to expensive for what they offer. Oh, and it's CASH ONLY. And you'll need a lot of it.

I have been to this venue twice, both times to see my favorite band, Enter The Haggis. You're warned to not follow GPS, because some of the roads that it may send you down aren't maintained in the winter. So just be aware.

The building is very pleasant. It is two barns, connected by a causeway. The initial barn, where the bar, box office, merch, and waiting area is located. It is very nice, cozy even. Though there isn't much space to sit, and Even though I arrived 45 minutes before dinner service, it was crowded.

Myself and my girlfriend bought a bottle of wine. While the wine was good, it was a bit overpriced. $32 for a $15 bottle of wine. But, I get it. Alcohol, and its a venue, and blah blah blah.

They let groups into the Entertainment barn based on who's been waiting in the wait area barn the longest.

A group of four, we were #31 to enter the "Entertainment barn" It was roughly half full. We were initially directed to a far table in the corner. This was unacceptable. Wait staff told us that the other tables were for larger groups of 6 or 5. Finally they brought us to a 5 top, even though there were only 4 of us. The table was tiny, there is no way imaginable that the table could fit 5, it barley fit four of us. Despite the table being very small, we were generally close to the stage. However, the room was packed. It was uncomfortable with the amount of tables that the venue decided to cram into this room. I get it, they need to make money, therefore lets make it a dinner then a show place. But, still. Very Very uncomfortable.

The dinner was expensive, but very tasty. I had a wonderful pot pie with lamb, chicken, and veal in it. It came with corn bread, pumpkin butter, a salad, and a piece of watermelon for $25. Initially the cost put me off, but the quality of the dinner was top notch.

For dessert me and my girlfriend shared a gingerbread dessert. It was four small pieced of Ginger Bread Cake. It was dry, and not much flavor. Caramel sauce on the bottom, with a small amount of ice cream and whipped cream. The cost of this dessert was not listed on the menu, as the menu changes often. Unfortunately it was $12. I have paid less in 4 star restaurants for better desserts.

The show was great, though the volume went up (literally) in the second set. So much so, that we had a hard time understanding the singer.

If you read all that, cheers! If not, here is a quick breakdown:

*Middle of Nowhere, easy to get lost. Use their directions online.
*Tiny sitting (pre show) room.
*Tickets are overpriced for the venue.
*Wine is expensive, though you can purchase bottles.
*Venue room is very very very cramped.
*Food is expensive, but delicious.
*Dessert is VERY EXPENSIVE, and disappointing.
*Service is good.

Me and my girlfriend had one bottle of wine, two tickets for the show, two dinners, and one dessert. The grand total was $156 + Tip. Damn.

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