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Meghan Markle’s first wedding dress

In the few weeks leading to Prince Harry and Megan · Marle ‘s wedding, I thought that the flowers will be filled with bouquets of flowers offered at the reception. However, there is no more detail than the Markle wedding dress.

So far, she has expressed interest in “classical and simple” design. “Personally, I prefer a strange or subtle romantic bridal dress,” she tells Glamor in March 2016 before meeting Harry, and a simple silk gown by Carolyn Bessette Kennedy gave Narciso Rodriguez He had his favorite face. All the time.

And there are rumors that Ralph and Russo might design the dress, but we will probably not confirm until we arrive at St. George’s Chapel on Saturday morning. But since Prince Harry’s fiance got married, her first wedding dress can give another clue to her marital style. Let’s see the dress you wore when you married in 2011 with Trevor Engelson:

Megan Mark One Wedding Dress

This strapless style fits his relaxing party on Jamaica’s beach, but Markle expects to see Windsor Castle later this year. If you are married in the royal family, talking about the drama is not important.

But the British version of the cosmopolitan pointed out that the dress with jewelry belt is similar to the dress worn by the Duchess of Kate in 2011 wedding.


How does Megan · Markle wear hair on the wedding day?

More than a couple of months from the royal wedding ceremony, more details come out of the celebration.

But the excitement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle ‘s big day excites fickleness from the forest.

On April 25, Megan · Markle was reported to lend anal clooney hairdresser Miguel Perez to the bridal look.

According to Daily Mail, “Yes, I am doing Megan’s hair,” Perez said. “I am doing Amals and Megan is friends with her.I am doing George.Clooney, I am doing the whole family.Amar is doing Megan and me when she moved to London here I brought him with him, his cut and his style.

“We talk about it (marriage), we have plans,” he said. “I can not say more, but I know what we are doing.”

But now Perez said that he was somatized as a human and never met Markle.

Right now, we still do not know who will make Mare ‘s hair on his big day.

Apart from awkward bread, the future royal tends to prefer a moderate wave in the central part. If you want to show off her typical style on her wedding day, she can choose to wear it half over and half to make it a bit safer.

Duke with Cambridge lover on their marriage day in 2011.
Or she can follow the footprints of so many Royal wives (Grace Kelly, Zara Phillips, Princess Caroline, Queen Letizia etc.) and wear bread on the wedding day. If Markle goes like that, we want to see her in a thin and roun.

Tiara has not been confirmed yet during Markle’s big day (we are certain to pass through the fingers) but if you decide to hide her glow in her hair, you need to come to mind There are several things. heart.

“It is by no means good to sprinkle pearls and lacquer because there is a serious danger of discoloration.The lacquer immediately destroys the color and fire of the gems.This is a quite recent invention but the jewelry in London Expert Geoffrey Munn told T & C earlier this year.

“The most experienced hairdressers have protected stones in the past with corrugated spray, but even though the hair style is not essential, we applied all kinds of ointments to the hair It made it consistent, it is hard to fix the tiara on your head.


Why Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup shows her natural freckle

Meghan Markle ‘s wedding beauty countdown is open! But what will Megan choose makeup on the wedding day?

Former make-up artist Lydia Sellers said, “I think that Meghan looks like a classic and timeless appearance just as we have recently worn,” says “Pink translucent freckles Today’s smoke eye with beautiful volume of her eyelashes.

She has worked with Megan as a hair hair and makeup artist for two years. The seller says that Megan’s most important element is that she resembles. “It was very important for Megan – always doing work with real and natural feelings.”

Meghan not only has a simple look but also non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. “She loves RMS, which is a natural brand that creates wonderful eyeshadows and creamy reds that can also be used on your lips,” says Sellers, now based in the West Coast, recalls.

Meghan Markle, April 19, 2018
“She also loves Tatcha – they have a big Nebram’s dew spray after making up to get a unique and fresh shine.Even the suit of the original suit also praised the Japanese skin care standard rice enzyme powder We offered a perfect makeup canvas, “Natural products are included in my kit for simplicity and reliability.Megane also highly appreciates these qualities.
The seller said the fiancé was a client of one or more dreams, alongside the others, whether the fiancée was a promotional costume or a promotional costume. “She’s very new to products and brands – even sometimes I teach things to myself!

Meghan broke down last year when Meghan spent more time (probably watching the secret in London, to see the prince’s friend, Prince Harry). The seller says she has a wonderful memory of her time with Meghan. When I was in Boston by boat it was spring. It was still cold and I was wearing summer clothes. She was smiling all day. She was very positive and I also forgot the cold. I am very happy for her!


Meghan Markle is supposed to make up his wedding ceremony with the help of her best friend

Update: All journalists including us were busy tracking celebrity make-up artists to find a charming group of mega-gang · marl’s wedding anniversary, but royal makeup artists were always obvious. Like her future in-law Kate Middleton, according to a new report, Megan Marell will complement himself on the day of wedding.

An interior person at the site saying that McCull refuses to hire a makeup artist is instead counting two of her best American friends. “She has two friends from America for her, they are not experts, they are close friends,” Insider Express says. A million makeup artists would kill for work, but Markle wanted to follow the footsteps of the Duchess of Cambridge and make that day as ordinary and informal as possible.

Meghan marks hair style throughout the year
Original: The only thing disguised than the name of the new royal baby is the name of Megan Mark Le Makeup Artist. We still do not know who wears makeup for a big day. She will stick to future Kate Midleton and make a makeup.

In the past, Markle was wearing a bold, colorful and experimental beauty, but in the past few weeks I have made a pink lipstick, fresh skin, eye makeup. If we wager, Markle expects to wear a line of fresh and radiant skin, pinky red, pink lipstick, a small black eyeliner and natural eyelashes.

Meghan Markle tests her IRL wedding hairstyle
“My routine is very simple, we call it a 5 minute face, it is Touche Eclat, eyelash, mascara, stick, a little red,” It is my favorite thing, if you stab it at night, I am using MAC Teddy Eyeliner, which is a very pretty brown color with gold. “Her favorite mascara is Diorshow Iconic and in 2014 she talked about charm.
Markle said already that he does not wear a foundation when he / she is not wearing costumes, but has made as much natural freckles as possible. “This roller / Mercier illuminating primer will moisturize my skin everyday after moisturizer.


For the eyes, cheeks and lips you would like to see Markle wear to the royal wedding on May 19, please vote below.


Makeup artist, Megan · Markle throws beans with make-up on the day of wedding

Meghan Markle’s former makeup artist is just reversing the items she thinks she has on her wedding day. Lydia Sellers, a celebrity make-up artist, symbolic ambassador in London revealed that she was using a beauty machine for an old suit star that beat her fans. Also, whatever the foundation she gives to Megan who enjoyed the beauty of the world, please tell anyone perfect and bright skin. Let’s look at Megan’s gorgeous cosmetic bag from skin preparation to lipstick …

Meghan Markle Makeup Sweater Lydia
We are watching Megan Bridal Makeup Bag

Skin preparation is very important for a complete foundation and Lydia explains the reason. She said: “Meghan’s secret for shining skin is her preparatory night, using the magnificent multipurpose spray, Prep, Set, Glow of ICONIC London Megan is 10 minutes before sleep Gently vaporize this fog A part of his beauty treatment awakens, it mediates luminescence.

Symbolic – London prep pre-set glow spray
Preparation, set, glow, £ 18.50 Iconic London

Lydia also recommends using high quality granular skin to remove dead skin cells. It reveals that the perfect complexion begins with a “good foundation”. She continued. “Because exfoliation is underestimated, if you do not have a dead skin barrier on the surface, I think you should do it more frequently to create your canvas for your make-up slip and vacuum .

Wood Armani Silk Foundation Meghan Markle
Meghan is the Luminous Silk Foundation’s Luminous Silk Foundation, £ 42

The Meghan Foundation is highly valued by various Hollywood celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is 3.5. Lydia advances Megan one step further and advises you to add it to your favorite ICONIC London Illuminator Drops.
Illuminator Falls, £ 30, Iconic London

“These can be added to ensure a sparkling skin that defines a beautiful bone structure,” she said. “Because I only need one color for my face, I like mixing more than one color to match the complexity and depth of the skin.”
Vintage Charlotte Tilbury Mat · Revolution · Lipstick

Prince Harry’s fiancé is known for the eyes of her beautiful doll, Lydia agrees! “Since Megan has the most beautiful dark eye, I think that adding the earth color is the answer.Using bronze color products is the best way to pop the eye.It is a choice palette Iconic A big mascara that kills the eye shadow palette from London Day is the key to the volume in the whip that this one loves from ICONIC London, she likes really bulky appearance.

£ 49 Meghan Markle earrings will eventually come back to stock, but quickly!

Meghan is also a large factory of Mac, and I use a stuffed toy kohl eyeliner. “I use it for her inner water line for bronze finishes and she truly frames her eyes,” Lydia adds. Finally, Meghan is known for her nerve lips with a hint of pink shading. And Lydia says Charlotte Tilbury’s very Victorian Matte Revolution Lipstick will be her shadow.


Meghan Markle nail polish will probably wear for royal wedding

With the latest manicure metal and marble trends, you will never see the Cambridge Duchess and Megan Markles. Queen should not admit it. Royals are expected to wear clean, clean and well-organized nails. If you are not wearing your nails, essay ballet slippers (which should be the Queen’s favorite shade) are allowed, with manicure and special pink note.

So, Markle is pink, nude, ivory nail polish beautiful, surely beautiful shades of clothes on May 19 th Wedding ceremony, we will not be shocked. Her future-in-law Kate Middleton wore the color of the essence’s charm in the wedding anniversary in 2011.

We introduce the hues of classic nail polish Markle can wear on the day of wedding (ballet shoes are the first choice):

Mega Hammarc royal maid nail polish

Two Tiramisu Manicure
Markle has already been reported to like the London Nails & Brows show at Mayfair (with the best London Manicure Resume). Manicure starts at £ 33 and increases to £ 66 plus depending on the addition as a massage or shellac.

The Queen is wearing the same 8 pound manicure ballet slipper for more than 30 years. By choosing a signature tint, you can save time with the next manicure appointment, but there is not much room for creativity. When Midleton announced her promise in November 2010, she did not wear nail polish (but her nails were neat).

Markle decided to wear a pure nude pink shade nail polish like ballet slippers at the announcement of race and engagement. However, nobody could identify exact shadows. Since then, she was seen in all public figures with a simple yet gorgeous white manicure and a set of classic nails.