Six new trends in the beauty that moves your footsteps

March 20th is the beginning of spring, but if your wardrobe may not be ready, this year when your temperature gets unusually low, you can make your face. Please add color and energy to the beautiful face of the spring / summer 2018 fashion show.

1. Electric Eye
Nostalgia is alive. “The appearance of this top shop is inspired by the electrical color of the soho scene in the early 90’s,” said the making artist Lynsey Alexander Backstage. The eyes with motifs of brilliant, brilliant and brilliant colors are eye-catching.

To change the appearance, please embed gelatine at the base of the eyelashes, moisten the eyelids of the eyelids straight and use your fingers for “DIY sensation”. Try Glider Heavy Metal Urban Decay Liner (Amp with built-in amplifier, 15 euro), Glideon Electric Eyeliner (15.50 lb), Topshop Eye Shadow Mono (7.50 pound) in March. The naked lips balance the appearance in a modern and pleasant way.

2. Bright lips
By matching the red lips to the party or wearing classical winter clothes, it works well for light skin in the spring.

This season’s makeup of blumarin combines bright moisture skin color made with MAC moisture cream (25 lbs, pearl cream color base, 18 pounds) and bright red lips. To maximize the base color (and also increase the life), paint 14.51 pounds of lip balm with Lily Pips’ Cherry Macs Lips Pencil and then Liquid Lipcolor Retro Matte Feels So Great 25.38. Minimize all mascara trials.

3. Color Blocking
“Missoni’s 90s inspired by a cool girl in the ’90s inspired by a” graphically emerging color block “had more influence,” Lynsey Alexander says.
In order to realize this appearance, we combined a Mac’s acrylic paint range (16.50 euros) to create a purple, blue, baby green custom shade and paid above the domed eye slightly above the frame It was. We tried combining Pastel Green with the muted coral lips (Ricci Coral McCream color base, $ 18, please combine with powder for matte finishing).

4. Cinis Skin
Trend of Peter Pilot Makeup Spring and Summer 2018
Getty Images
Make artist Thomas de Cluve, who returned to the 70’s nightclub by Peter Pilot, emphasized “naive light shining eyes”. Simple but effective.

It was made with a combination of Silver Macintosh ‘s glitter, 16.50 pounds, and Forecast spring 18 eye pad. This is very hot, so please try silver eye shadow star gun cream instead. , 3), 50) under the cheekbones and eyes. Finish the skin with Mac grapefruit and Camomile Prep + Prime (21.50 lb) and finish it in a different dose of rose glow.

5. Grigny glitter
See Emporio Armani Catamaran to see the fresh appearance of party makeup. There, the brilliant eye shadow is flipped over, covering the lower eyelid, defiling all the shadows under the eye shadow. This look made by Linda Cantello was ‘Vibrant pastel green eye shadow’ which was dyed black with white luster tears.

To experiment, please let Armani’s beautiful smooth smooth silk eye pencil (£ 28.99) lay on the outside corner of the eye well, then put the eye color of Jade Reflection (30 lb) into the light but incomplete path . Please finish lots of his eyes to fill Classico Mascara, £ 28 in the large part of the eyelashes.

6. Bright baby feathers
Can not you put an end to your cat’s eyes? Try this version of the classic beauty of spring / summer: color will be thrown under the wing. For Oscar de la Renta, a pastel-colored eyeliner created a subtle color relief called makeup artist Tom Peteu called “minimal art.”

Please try lavender, magenta, yellow or white and apply the color tone (Mac Chromacake Pigments, see £ 22.50) to the fine line black eyeliner and return the trend. Do not worry it sounds perfect – please leave it in your attempt to copy sophisticated sophisticated skin of your model.