Makeup product Amal Clooney wore in Met Gala

Ell Clooney’s dramatic combination of Richard Quinn may be the most talked about Met Gala, but his hair and makeup were really shining.

Human rights lawyer, one of the evening leaders, headed to Charlotte Tilbury for her beauty Gala Gala. The couple regularly worked for the appearance of Clooney’s red carpet and Tilbury made a famous composition for his wedding anniversary.

Returning to the young ponytail where her hair blended, bordering her face to make an edge, Clooney’s make-up has attracted attendees of many other glasses focused on the perfect skin tone and statement lips It was maintained compared with.

Amar · Clooney · Gala · make up by Charlotte Tilbury
Of course, the preparation was as important as the makeup itself, Chilberry cleansed the skin of Clooney, attached a clay mask, and attached a dry leaf mask. After that, she used a best-selling magic cream “to hydrate and make a perfect canvas,” a spokeswoman said.

In order to get this wonderful light from inside, Tilbury used her Wonderglow Primer and then painted six color and seven colors on her Light Wonder Foundation. After that she stroked her Hollywood Foureth Filter (Hue 2) with cheekbones and a high point on her face, finished with pouch and bronze powder.

George and Amal Clooney, Met Galla
In front of us, the makeup artist used a gold oyster cream as the base, overlaying the transparent glow of her palette “Bigger Brighter Eyes” on top. She added a light reflective ivory shade to the inner corner to give a bright, wider eye appearance. Tilbury created a soft cat extract on her upper rush line with Audrey’s classic pencil and eventually attracted Clooney’s eyelashes and applied her legendary Ras Mouse Mascara up and down. In order to complete the definition and structure, she brushed her eyebrows and filled them with her eyebrow lifting tool.

To make this statement, Tilbury first drew his nostrils with a pencil (Cheat Lip Liner of Kiss ‘n’ Tell) to show his lips more perfectly. She used a mixture of her dull liquid lipstick on the screen siren and walking fame.