Meghan Markle nail polish will probably wear for royal wedding

With the latest manicure metal and marble trends, you will never see the Cambridge Duchess and Megan Markles. Queen should not admit it. Royals are expected to wear clean, clean and well-organized nails. If you are not wearing your nails, essay ballet slippers (which should be the Queen’s favorite shade) are allowed, with manicure and special pink note.

So, Markle is pink, nude, ivory nail polish beautiful, surely beautiful shades of clothes on May 19 th Wedding ceremony, we will not be shocked. Her future-in-law Kate Middleton wore the color of the essence’s charm in the wedding anniversary in 2011.

We introduce the hues of classic nail polish Markle can wear on the day of wedding (ballet shoes are the first choice):

Mega Hammarc royal maid nail polish

Two Tiramisu Manicure
Markle has already been reported to like the London Nails & Brows show at Mayfair (with the best London Manicure Resume). Manicure starts at £ 33 and increases to £ 66 plus depending on the addition as a massage or shellac.

The Queen is wearing the same 8 pound manicure ballet slipper for more than 30 years. By choosing a signature tint, you can save time with the next manicure appointment, but there is not much room for creativity. When Midleton announced her promise in November 2010, she did not wear nail polish (but her nails were neat).

Markle decided to wear a pure nude pink shade nail polish like ballet slippers at the announcement of race and engagement. However, nobody could identify exact shadows. Since then, she was seen in all public figures with a simple yet gorgeous white manicure and a set of classic nails.