Why Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup shows her natural freckle

Meghan Markle ‘s wedding beauty countdown is open! But what will Megan choose makeup on the wedding day?

Former make-up artist Lydia Sellers said, “I think that Meghan looks like a classic and timeless appearance just as we have recently worn,” says “Pink translucent freckles Today’s smoke eye with beautiful volume of her eyelashes.

She has worked with Megan as a hair hair and makeup artist for two years. The seller says that Megan’s most important element is that she resembles. “It was very important for Megan – always doing work with real and natural feelings.”

Meghan not only has a simple look but also non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. “She loves RMS, which is a natural brand that creates wonderful eyeshadows and creamy reds that can also be used on your lips,” says Sellers, now based in the West Coast, recalls.

Meghan Markle, April 19, 2018
“She also loves Tatcha – they have a big Nebram’s dew spray after making up to get a unique and fresh shine.Even the suit of the original suit also praised the Japanese skin care standard rice enzyme powder We offered a perfect makeup canvas, “Natural products are included in my kit for simplicity and reliability.Megane also highly appreciates these qualities.
The seller said the fiancé was a client of one or more dreams, alongside the others, whether the fiancée was a promotional costume or a promotional costume. “She’s very new to products and brands – even sometimes I teach things to myself!

Meghan broke down last year when Meghan spent more time (probably watching the secret in London, to see the prince’s friend, Prince Harry). The seller says she has a wonderful memory of her time with Meghan. When I was in Boston by boat it was spring. It was still cold and I was wearing summer clothes. She was smiling all day. She was very positive and I also forgot the cold. I am very happy for her!