How does Megan · Markle wear hair on the wedding day?

More than a couple of months from the royal wedding ceremony, more details come out of the celebration.

But the excitement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle ‘s big day excites fickleness from the forest.

On April 25, Megan · Markle was reported to lend anal clooney hairdresser Miguel Perez to the bridal look.

According to Daily Mail, “Yes, I am doing Megan’s hair,” Perez said. “I am doing Amals and Megan is friends with her.I am doing George.Clooney, I am doing the whole family.Amar is doing Megan and me when she moved to London here I brought him with him, his cut and his style.

“We talk about it (marriage), we have plans,” he said. “I can not say more, but I know what we are doing.”

But now Perez said that he was somatized as a human and never met Markle.

Right now, we still do not know who will make Mare ‘s hair on his big day.

Apart from awkward bread, the future royal tends to prefer a moderate wave in the central part. If you want to show off her typical style on her wedding day, she can choose to wear it half over and half to make it a bit safer.

Duke with Cambridge lover on their marriage day in 2011.
Or she can follow the footprints of so many Royal wives (Grace Kelly, Zara Phillips, Princess Caroline, Queen Letizia etc.) and wear bread on the wedding day. If Markle goes like that, we want to see her in a thin and roun.

Tiara has not been confirmed yet during Markle’s big day (we are certain to pass through the fingers) but if you decide to hide her glow in her hair, you need to come to mind There are several things. heart.

“It is by no means good to sprinkle pearls and lacquer because there is a serious danger of discoloration.The lacquer immediately destroys the color and fire of the gems.This is a quite recent invention but the jewelry in London Expert Geoffrey Munn told T & C earlier this year.

“The most experienced hairdressers have protected stones in the past with corrugated spray, but even though the hair style is not essential, we applied all kinds of ointments to the hair It made it consistent, it is hard to fix the tiara on your head.